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Our Commitment to Quality

  • Is my order guaranteed?
    Yes, unconditionally. If, for any reason, you don’t like your order once you receive it, simply return it to us and we will reprint your order to your satisfaction. If that is not possible, we will issue a full refund.

  • What will my print look like? Will it look better than the proof online?
    Images displayed online are low resolution versions of the images that we captured and we use to print. Printed images will be higher resolution and will be professionally color balanced, cropped, and adjusted for contrast.

  • How are the portraits printed?
    All images are printed on professional quality photo paper.

Find Your Portraits

  • How do I find my portrait if I have a photo identification number?
    On the front page of, click on the Find Your Event button. To find a specific photo, use the photo ID field and fill in the number found below a photo proof (either on the website or in a proof mailer).

  • I just attended an event, how do I find the portraits?
    • First, find your event by clicking the Find Your Event button on the front page of
    • Enter your search criteria.
    • Select your event from the list of results, or if your event doesn’t appear in the list, refine your search.
    • Use the drop down menu to search for photos by school name, photo type, and where applicable, individual name.

  • Why aren't there portraits available online for an event?
    Due to the post-production work necessary to process and post images on the website, there is sometimes a delay between the event and being able to view photos. If the event does not have photos available, simply enter your name and email information on the website and we’ll be sure to email you when the photos are available.

Order Your Portraits

  • How do I enlarge a thumbnail image?
    You can enlarge an image simply by clicking directly on the thumbnail-sized image.

  • How do I order portraits?
    If you are looking at an enlarged image and want to order, simply scroll down the page and add items to your shopping cart.

  • Can I order more than one portrait at once?
    Yes. When you have added a photo to your shopping cart, simply continue browsing for additional photos by clicking on the Continue Shopping button at the bottom of the page.

  • How do I check out?
    At any time, you can click on the “shopping cart” icon at the top right of any page. This will allow you to view the items that you have selected for purchase. From this page, you can edit amounts, remove items, and proceed to checkout.

  • How do I add portraits to the cart?
    This Lifetouch Events website uses “HTTP Cookies”, a small text file placed on your computer during shopping, to maintain the items in your shopping cart. Please make sure this feature is operational in your web browser.

  • How do I email portraits to my friends and family?
    When viewing the enlarged version of your proof, click the email icon below the image, where it says Share Your Proofs.

  • How do you protect my private information?
    This website uses Secure Socket Layer encryption and for transaction processing. Your information is protected when you order.

Digital Copies and Portrait Licensing

  • How can I get a digital copy of an individual portrait from your website?
    For most of the individual photographs on the website, a digital copy is an option for purchase.

  • How can I get a digital copy of a group portrait from your website?
    Lifetouch does not sell digital copies of group photographs from its website due to the risk of illegal copying of the image for distribution. Digital copies of group photos may not be used for any purpose, including web display, yearbooks, plaques, or any display without a written license agreement from Lifetouch.

  • How can I get a copy of an image for use in the local newspaper or for yearbook usage?
    For individual images, the purchase of a digital copy entitles the person in the image to reproduce the image for these purposes. For group photos, Lifetouch will generally grant restricted use licenses provided that the request is made in writing on the organization’s letterhead and that a minimum number of prints have been purchased of the image.


  • How do I have my individual portrait removed from the website?
    Simply email us at with the information, and we will take care of it. For more information regarding our privacy policy, visit Privacy.

Additional Information

  • I still have a question. How do I contact customer service?
    Simply click here to fill out our customer service form. We are happy to help you.